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The Hope Royal Botanic Gardens, commonly called Hope Gardens, is a sprawling 230 acreage of slightly undulating savannahs, with beautiful gardens, rustic gazebos and placid water features located in the Liguanea Plains of urban St. Andrew.

Here, mother nature’s bountiful blessings allow for naturally beautiful and intimate settings for picturesque scenes to make your special occasion a fairytale. lush greenery and a mountainous backdrop create the perfect canvas to capture a beautiful day.

The Sunken Gardens stands out as one of the major attractions for visitors to hope Gardens. the area’s pristine lawn space and tropical feel just invite you to say ‘i do’.

The Sunken Gardens and the annual Gardens have been favorites for many couples over the years. the Annual Gardens is home to numerous species of exotic flowers and pristine lawns, providing a picture-perfect scenery for – you guessed it – those lifetime photobooks or wedding videos.


Alittle history…the Gardens were established in 1873 on a section of land from the estate of Major Richard hope, one of the original english colonizers who helped to capture Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655. During that period, the gardens were known as the hope estate, and was renamed the hope Royal botanic Gardens in 1953 when Queen elizabeth ii came to Jamaica.

the beautiful cassia siamea grove by the main entrance was planted in 1907, while the other mini-gardens within the park – notably the cacti garden, with its rare varietals; the bougain- villea walk with its magnificent explosions of tropical colours; the annual gardens, with numer- ous species of exotic flowers; the sunken gardens and the lily pond, evolved over the years.

like an already perfect woman who needs no makeup to arrest your attention, mother nature presents hope Gardens; the venue which allows you to delete decoration from your wedding budget.