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Very disappointed

At first this lady makes all the promises and r reassures you that you will get the perfect day of your dreams. O the day so many countless disappointments and decisions made behind your back. Also deceitful I.e took pay for a minister and knew how important it was for the wedding ceremony to be delivered by a Christian minister and decided to have a motivational speaker do the ceremony and did not even bother to be honest and tell the couple, appeared to have hoped the coupe would never find out. When asked about showed no empathy, was not sorry and came up with a silly excuse as to why this was kept a secret. I am so disappointed that I chose this lady as what your promised and pay for is not what is delivered on the day. She also decided to block me from her page when I gave a honest review. Totally unprofessional, dishonesty and lacks interest in how couples feel. Didn’t even bother checking in with the newly weds post wedding day, it was the couple that reached, every other vendor had sent will wishes etc and this was someone that I had spent a whole year planning with. I am totally disappointed and if I could step back in time I would.have avoided her with all costs and chosen a more deciated and honest planner!!!

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Saschaygrant052 1 Reviews

Unprofessional and failed to do her only duty: to make the bride happy. Then also blocked my sister, the bride, for giving her honest opinion. Not only is that extremely unprofessional but highly problematic. You should not silencing the voices of the brides you have hurt due to poor attitude towards your wedding planning. If you were truly genuine you would allow a space for constructive criticism. However you silencing shows were your business ethics and your personal morals lie. Clearly wrapped in money hunger and greed. Disappointing.

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