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About I Do Jamaica

I Do Jamaica magazine is the premier destination publication for couples who are seeking information to plan & execute their weddings in Jamaica. This little island has been named in the top five wedding destinations and many of our resorts and other wedding service providers have distinguished themselves to be named number one in various categories. I Do Jamaica magazine is making it our business to share these stories with the whole world!

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A Parish For Every Taste & Budget Under The Sun!

Our beautiful island can accommodate any theme and any budget. Our wedding industry professionals live to pull out the stops to make dreams come true. They stand ready to welcome and wow every couple that decides to extend the honour of having a Jamaican wedding.

We know a wedding destination cannot exist without the businesses and people who make weddings happen. That is why we know that our readers – especially our brides to be – need to hear about you – preferably from you…

We are much obliged to help you connect with them today. Your story… your offering is what they are waiting on to book that flight to the shores of allright!

We continue to search for that venue, for that wedding coordinator for that photographer whose story will make a couple decide Jamaica is the place to say ‘I Do!’

Welcome to Jamaica!

14 Parishes… 14 Chances to get it right!

Our country is a beautiful, diverse place. An eclectic mix of sophistication, glamour and ghetto.

Feel the vibration of our music while you gaze in delight at our mountains. Our seas beckon you and our food transports you as though on an evening breeze. We the people await you with open arms. Welcome to Jamaica!