The hope royal botanic gardens (Hope Gardens) located in St. Andrew must be listed on your “preferred places to see”, on your visit to Jamaica. A former successful sugar plantation, dating back to the 1870s boast a history of connections to prominent place names in the corporate area, the city’s first water supply system, the country’s first house of assembly and an agricultural research and development base which nurtured introduction of many exotic fruit and flowering trees to Jamaica, from all over the world.

Hope gardens, embracing over 230 acres is home to the largest green recreational space, botanical garden and zoological garden in Jamaica. The sheer beauty of the environment, with rolling manicured lawns and its extensive collection of uniquely shaped or flowering trees and plants, earned Hope Gardens the coveted designated title of “Royal Botanic Gardens” as bestowed upon it by a visiting British Monarch in 1957.

It has become a preferred location throughout the year, for weddings, corporate events, food festivals, product launches, birthday parties, running events among other exciting outdoor activities.

The latest addition to Hope Gardens is the Chinese Garden, covering 11 acres and is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean region. A gift from the People’s Republic of China to the Government and People of Jamaica, it embodies the architectural concepts and layout of oriental design and philosophy .