Wedding Planner

In 1994 Cecille and Mike got married in Kingston, Jamaica. A few months later they converted a small manufacturing business to start Cecille’s Bridal Boutique, with the first bridal attires rented being those from their wedding. Shortly after their small family business started to grow and soon had to be moved from their residence on Lancaster road to a shop in South Dale Plaza, Half-Way-Tree.

Despite all the development and changes, including acquiring the adjacent property to accommodate the serenely beautiful Melvina Martin Garden, (a favorite for most discerning couples) and the incorporation of the company, they are still able to give that special family touch to each couple and their guests.

Today, Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is one of the largest and most competitive bridal centres in Jamaica, with two beautiful locations in Kingston and St. Ann, offering a plethora of wedding services.